Octory Wiki

Welcome to Octory Wiki ! You can learn here how to edit the Octory.plist file to configure Octory.

To have a quick overview of the groups in the Plist file, you can read the Configuration file section.

Octory interface is based on Slides visualization. You can fully customize a slide by setting its containers and the components they contain.

Starting Octory

Create a folder named Octory in /Library/Application Support. Then copy the file Configuration.plist and paste it inside the created folder. The final path of the file should be /Library/Application Support/Octory/Octory.plist.

When you want to modify the Configuration file to test Octory, make changes in the file at /Library/Application Support/Octory/Octory.plist. You can have different versions of the file to test several user stories. However, as Octory looks for the file name Octory.plist, you should have only one in the folder /Library/Application Support/Octory.

Willing to try another configuration ?

You can choose the application configuration file by launching it with the configuration argument: -c or --config . The application will then look in the secure folders /Library/Application Support/Octory or /Library/Managed Preferences for the corresponding path. The application will store the last configuration argument in the UserDefault.

For example, if you have a pushed a custom profile on the Mac named NewOctoryConfig.plist, you can launch Octory like that:

  /Library/Application\ Support/Octory/Octory.app -c NewOctoryConfig.plist

Another example, to use a OctoryTest.plist file in /Library/Application Support/Octory/Configs:

  /Library/Application\ Support/Octory/Octory.app --config Configs/OctoryTest.plist

Last example, to launch Octory with the form preset downloadable from the website

  open Octory.app --args -c Presets/Presets/Form/Octory.plist

About Logging

You can find Octory log at /tmp/[username]-Octory.log. It is dynamically filled with Octory logs to inform you about several things on the running session of the application. One of the best solutions to use it with the Console app to watch Octory behavior.

An other log is written at /Library/Logs/Octory/octory.log with less info but persistent. Useful for crash reports.


Octory version is currently 2.0.0